Hein Zegers' activities

- Regular (100+) presentations on Positive Psychology and the science of Well-Being
- World-wide qualitative research into what makes people happy
(see website and blog for more details)

- Master Clinical and Health Psychology, focus: Positive Psychology (K.U.Leuven University, 2005-2010)
- Master Language and Literature (Germanic Languages) (K.U.Leuven & Universität zu Köln, 1988-1992)
- Positive Psychology (Harvard University course via Internet, 2008)
- Foundations of Positive Psychology (Penn University non-credit course, 2009)

- Guest expert for the KULeuven edX MOOC 'Existential Well-Being Counseling'
- Community Teaching Assistant for the University of Berkeley edX MOOC 'The Science of Happiness'
- Internship about happiness @ work (ISW Limits, 2008-2009)
- Telephonic counseling (3 seasons)
- Care of Alzheimer-patient (regularly)
- Volunteering for Vereniging Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa (occasionally)
- Multi-lingual attending of people from all over the world in diverse jobs: steward (Lufthansa, 2002-now & Sabena, 1998-2001), tour director (Americantours International, 1996-1998), international communication manager (Philips Interactive Media Centre, 1993-1996), travelling musician (student job, occasionally).

- What makes you happy? Happiness-increasing Interventions (Masterthesis K.U.Leuven, winner of the Leo Polak Incentive Prize 2010)
- Jureck Becker: Jakob der Lügner. Eine Kommunikationsästhetische Analyse. (unpublished Masters' Thesis K.U.Leuven, 1992)
- Happiness@Work (internal document for ISW Limits) (2009)
- Mindfulness@Work (P&O Praktijkblad nr. 5, May 2009)
- Een nieuwe wind waait door de psychologie (Psychologos, 2010)
- Positieve psychologie en geluksonderzoek (Psychologos, 2010)
- Dutch translation of the "internationale wellbeing study" questionnaire
- Research website of Evidence Based Happiness vzw
- Several book reviews
- Een Mens is geen gemiddelde. Article in "Geluk. The World Book of Happiness" (Lannoo, 2010)
- A person is no Average. Article in "The World Book of Happiness" (Page One, 2010)
- Ein Mensch ist kein Durschschnitt. Article in "Glück" (Dumont, 2011)
- Une Personne n' est pas une moyenne. Article in "Le grand livre du bonheur" (Les Éditions de l' homme, 2011)
- Excerpt in De Wachter, D.: Borderline Times. Lannoo, 2012.
- Blog for Campaign "Word Echt Rijk"
- Several contributions to the campaign "Pluk Je Geluk"
- Blog in four languages
- Book: Zooikoorts.

- Positive Psychology Summit 2006 Washington (participant)
- Positive Psychology Summit 2007 Washington (participant)
- 4th European Conference on Positive Psychology in Croatia (July 2008) (participant)
- Kennisdag Geestelijke Gezondheid about Positive Psychology in Amsterdam (Januari 2009) (participant & handyman)
- Student Conference on Psychological Processes of Psychopathology (presentation about Broaden and Build theory)
- First Positive Psychology conference in the Netherlands “Thoughts on Happiness” (November 2008, with live co-presentation)
- First World Congress on Positive Psychology in Philadelphia (Juni 2009, with own poster presentation)
- Info day Positieve Psychologie van de Belgische Federatie van Psychologen (December 2009, with poster presentation)
- 5th European Conference on Positive Psychology, Copenhagen (2010, with live presentation)
- Nederlandse Werkconferentie Positieve Psychologie (2010, co-moderator and member steering committee)
- International Congress of Applied Psychology (Bruges, 2010, Keynote speaker on Positive Psychology)
- European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations (EFPSA) Conference (Borovice, Polen, 2011, Keynote presentation on Positive Psychology)
- 2nd World Congress on Positive Psychology (Philadelphia, 2011. Poster presentation and co-organization of several events)
- And many, many more...

- European Network for Positive Psychology (representative for Belgium)
- Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (founding member)
- International Positive Psychology Association (charter member)
- Evidence Based Happiness vzw (founder)
- Positieve Psychologie Nederland (member steering committee)
- Students of the International Positive Psychology Association (member steering committee)
- Belgische Positieve Psychologie Positive Belge (founder and moderator)